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    Robin Van Tan

  • Face to face interactions can support valuable relationships within a company.
    Quality face time with employees can help quick-serve CEOs establish useful, brand-building relationships.
    Steve Ells, CEO of Chipotle, on NBC's "America's Next Great Restaurant."
    Big name executives have created a new prototype for CEOs. But this kind of celebrity might not be ideal for quick-serve execs.
    CEOs must measure their company's health and inject life into their brand.
    The CEO is responsible for the health of his brand and steering it toward growth.
    Some fast food CEOs pocket big money, but experts say it should fit for brand.
    Compensation for quick-serve executives is decided on a company-by-company basis, but experts agree CEOs should make the decision that’s best for the brand.
    BannaStrow's, a Miami crepe concept, is getting international expansion help.
    The U.S. Commercial Service is helping startup U.S. brands expand into high-potential international markets.
    Rendering of LYFE Kitchen in Palo Alto, California.
    LYFE Kitchen hopes to use the backing of former McDonald’s executives and a celebrity chef to take healthy food to your market.
    Executives must identify and work on strengthening their weaknesses.
    By identifying and addressing their blind spots, chief executives can strengthen their brand and encourage a stronger corporate culture.
    Disagreement among executives can be good for a business.
    While it may make for some awkward meetings, experts agree that a little bit of disagreement in the c-suite could be a good thing.
    Cold Stone is adding frozen yogurt to its offerings in 2011.
    The company is launching a frozen yogurt line and three other innovative strategies in 2011.
    The iPad and other technology tools can create problematic multitasking habits f
    While gadgets like the iPad and iPhone can be effective communication tools, experts say the multitasking habits they create can be harmful. 
    Kevin West, Tim Hortons' director of coffee operations
    Rival franchises and price increases won’t deter a loyal customer, says Kevin West, director of coffee operations for Tim Hortons. But it’s up to the company to brand that loyalty.
    Affluent customers have contributed to the success of chains like Panera Bread.
    Wealthy consumers are checking their income levels at the fast food door and flocking to quick serves.
    Since launched July 14, more than 1,000 people have created profi
    Customers were finding dates so often at the brand’s New York City stores, the company launched its own dating website.
    10 Reasons to Celebrate - This year's biggest industry milestones and anniversar
    This year's biggest industry milestones and anniversaries.
    Restaurant executives find that incorporating creativity on the job tends to hel
    Creativity is usually the trait that gets an executive his position, but making it a priority on the job is what keeps him there.
    Answered in 40 words or less.
    Answered in 40 words or less.
    Caribou Coffee aims to be 100 percent Rainforest Alliance Certified in the next
    Caribou Coffee CEO Michael Tattersfield is convinced if the company can reinvent the coffee experience, customers will come to play. So far, he’s right.
    Though expansion can be tough in the quick-serve restaurant market, the end resu
    Wanting to expand but worried your concept will take on a corporate feel? Find out how the booming Shake Shack chain is combating quick-service growing pains.
    Diners are looking for value on late-night menus, and restaurants must be aware
    Late-night menus are all the rage, but don’t underestimate your night-time diners. They’re looking for value, too.
    It’s important for restaurant chains to be honest, not emotional, when filing fo
    The B Word is not the end of the world for quick-service operators, but there are certain steps necessary to ensure it is as smooth a process as possible.
    How Going Green Can Hurt Your Business
    One unforeseen result of the sustainability movement is the growing consumer backlash against greenwashing. Is your brand guilty?
    Three brands. Three continents. Three strategies. Find out how these American concepts are expanding beyond U.S. borders.
    Heinz's new Dip & Squeeze ketchup packet
    Heinz redesigned its classic quick-serve ketchup packets for the first time in nearly 50 years.
    Esablishing a global presence can help buffer a brand during the U.S. recession.
    Three brands. Three continents. Three strategies. Find out how these American concepts are expanding beyond U.S. borders.
    Quick serves should offer ways for guests to stay a while.
    Turning your operation into a social hub can boost employee morale and give you word-of-mouth advertising.
    From swine flu and spinach fears to viral videos, quick-serve crises are pay dirt for the press. Learn how to prepare your brand.