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    Roy T. Bergold Jr.

  • Roy Bergold offers last human resource tips as QSR columnist.
    With his final column, Roy reflects on the human resources tips he’s shared for the last seven years.
    McDonald's evolution has guided the fast food industry's past and present.
    Demographics have changed a lot since the early days of quick service—and so has the nature of the business.
    Operators who can personalize their brands will find loyal customers.
    Customers who can put a face to your business will be inclined to come back.
    Complicated menus can negatively affect your brand with customers.
    Sometimes the best menu strategy is the simplest.
    Pizza Patron used a controversial marketing program to gain exposure.
    You’ll get the sale if your brand is the first thing customers think of when they’re hungry.
    McDonald's has evolved its business model over the years to satisfy customers.
    Over the years, McDonald’s constantly evolved its business model to keep up with consumer demand. In its wake is a roadmap for other brands to figure out change.
    Smaller-portion options, like sliders, give customers control over health.
    We’ve still got a problem with portion control in the industry, and the real issue might be in the choices we offer.
    Even kids want to know where their food comes from.
    Even kids want to know where their food is coming from.
    Making kids meal options healthier will take restaurant, customer compromise.
    While some fight over what to do with kids’ meals, Roy suggests there are compromises to look into.
    McDonald's recalled promotional glasses that proved to have lead in the paint.
    A good public-relations plan can spread your good news—and curb the affects of bad news.
    Operators can build a strong relationship with customers by always saying yes.
    There’s no better time than now to remember the old adage that the customer is always right.
    In a big brand change, Pizza Hut added salads and pastas.
    Brands should be cautious before jumping onto trends and abadoning what's worked in the past.
    Restaurants should focus on marketing, customer service to get repeat business.
    How to keep your heavy, medium, and light users coming back for more.
    If quick serves aren’t careful, they can lose their core focus and spiral out of control.
    Ray Kroc believed in an American work ethic when he helped grow McDonald's.
    Could the American economy thrive without quick serves in the mix? Well, no.
    Good customer service should be important to all fast food restaurants.
    An intense focus on customer service can help you stand out from the quick-serve pack.
    McDonald's advertising department supported creative thinking and open office.
    McDonald’s advertising was consistently the best under Roy’s watch because of the laid-back atmosphere that fostered creativity.
    Marketing with grand openings is worth the time and effort when opening a store.
    When you open the doors to your quick-serve unit, don’t be a softy; do it in style by heeding Roy’s tips.
    The Ronald McDonald House is one of the most successful cause programs ever.
    When operators are fully committed to cause marketing, brands become an everyday part of consumers’ lives. McDonald's did it. So can you.
    Roy Bergold says Facebook has changed traditional methods of advertising.
    Roy Bergold takes a look at how social media tools have changed the world of quick-serve advertising.
    Companies looking for improvement in 2011 should work on communication.
    Communication, honesty, and partnership are critical attributes for quick-serve professionals, especially in these times.
    History, Black & white photo of Willard Scott as the first Ronald McDonald.
    What do you do when you know you’re sitting on a goldmine? Roy recounts such times from his days with McDonald’s.
    Roy Bergold
    Childhood obesity is skyrocketing, and quick serves are unfairly getting the blame.
    Roy Bergold
    With the largest foodservice show in the world taking place this month, take it from a quick-service veteran—networking is worth your time.
    Roy Bergold
    The nutrition-labeling mandate won’t work unless a standard system is created to assign calorie counts.
    Roy Bergold
    Thirty-two years in the quick-service industry stands witness to many trends that come and go.
    Roy Bergold
    Choosing the right franchise to buy into is difficult, so Roy offers veteran advice. If he was thinking about buying into a franchise company (and he is), what would he look for in the perfect marriage?