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NPD Group Finds Meal Kit Delivery Services Lack Demand

2016-07-20 There is a lot of buzz around meal kit delivery services, like Blue Apron and HelloFresh, but the buzz may be greater than those who currently use the...

WHO Red Meat Results Have Minimal Effect on Consumers

2015-11-05 Last week’s release of a World Health Organization study showing a link between processed and red meat consumption and cancer raises the question: Wil...

Sweet or Savory? Snacks Depend on Time of Day

2015-10-27 There is a time and place for just about everything, even snacking.

Beverage Orders Drop 4 Percent

2015-10-13 Although consumers order a beverage 70 percent of the time when visiting restaurants and other foodservice outlets, beverage orders have declined 4 pe...

Breakfast Booms, Thanks to Limited Service

2015-10-05 Breakfast is the only restaurant daypart with sustained visit growth over the last several years and as a result, classic foodservice breakfast fare, ...

Independent Restaurants Drop 3 Percent

2015-08-04 A 3 percent drop in independent restaurant unit counts compared to year ago brought the total U.S.

Lunch Visits Grow for Second Consecutive Quarter

2015-07-14 Lunch visits at foodservice outlets in several global markets improved for the second consecutive quarter, which marked a turn in a long-term trend of...

Half of Consumers Are Concerned About Avian Flu

2015-05-21 Since the USDA has reported more than 160 cases involving three deadly strains of avian flu (bird flu) since December, consumers are expressing concer...

NPD Group Shares Top Five Consumer Trends

2015-05-07 Sluggish restaurant traffic growth and stalled sales in the center aisles at grocery stores are evidence that U.S.

Study Finds Restaurant Visits Reflect Consumer Sentiment

2015-04-28 Visits to quick-service restaurants, which represent the bulk of global foodservice traffic, were more a reflection of consumer sentiment than each co...