Miguel's Jr.

Miguel's Jr.

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Miguel's Jr. Throws Open Doors in Riverside County

2016-08-19 Fans of authentic, traditional Mexican food in Riverside County, California, will have a new reason to smile this month.

Miguel’s Jr. Opens New Location in Riverside, CA

2016-08-10 Corona, California-based Miguel’s Jr.

Miguel's Jr. to Hire 100 New Positions in Inland Empire

2016-04-22 When it comes to traditional home-style Mexican food on the go, the first name that comes to mind for most Inland Empire residents is Miguel’s Jr.

Miguel's Jr. Introduces First-Ever Breakfast Menu

2016-01-22 For more than 40 years, Miguel’s Jr.

Miguel's Jr. Pays Guests to Compare With Competition

2015-07-01 Miguel’s Jr., is paying for Orange County residents to directly compare it to its competition.

Mexican Fast Casual Miguel’s Jr. Stays True to Its Roots

2015-05-28 Expanding a limited-service Mexican concept beyond its established home market might seem like a risky move—especially in Southern California.

Miguel's Jr. Opens Third Orange County Location

2015-04-22 In the age of heat lamps, double-wrapped tacos and DIY burrito assembly lines, Southern Californians have lost sight of what true, traditional Mexican...