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Dallas-Based Irish Beef Buys 8 Tucson-Area Arby's Units

2017-06-19 Irish Beef Inc., a restaurant management and investment company based in Dallas, has acquired eight Arby’s restaurants in the Tucson area from Cardina...

Arby's First Beverage Mashup is Here: The Liger Shake

2017-06-09 Known for serving new and innovate meats like venison and pork belly to guests, Arby’s went on the hunt for an exotic shake and found the answer hidin...

Arby's Adds Pizza Slider to the Menu

2017-05-23 Arby’s, the sandwich company, has entered the pizza business.

Arby’s Foundation Raises $2.5M to End Childhood Hunger

2017-05-19 The Arby’s Foundation announced it raised more than $2.5M to end childhood hunger during the first-half of its National Restaurant Fundraiser.

Arby’s Largest Franchisee Acquires 10 Additional Units

2017-05-08 United States Beef Corporation (US Beef), Arby’s largest franchisee, announced that it has acquired 10 Arby’s restaurants from the two Arby's franchis...

Arby’s Unveils Expansion Plans in Canada

2017-05-04 Arby’s, a brand with more than 3,300 restaurants worldwide, announced it signed development agreements to build 10 new restaurants in Canada over the ...

Arby's Brings Back The Smokehouse Pork Belly Sandwich

2017-05-02 Last year, Arby’s went where no national restaurant chain had gone before by offering pork belly, also known as the bigger, better bacon.

Arby’s Reports 26th Consecutive Quarter of Growth

2017-04-27 Arby’s, America’s leading Fast Crafted restaurant brand with more than 3,300 restaurants worldwide, today announced U.S.

Arby’s Adds Traditional Greek Gyro for Limited Time

2017-03-28 In 2014, Arby’s became the largest restaurant chain ever to offer the hard-to-pronounce yet equally delicious Mediterranean sandwich known around the ...

Arby’s Notifies Guests of Payment Card Security Incident

2017-03-13 Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. provided further information regarding the previously disclosed payment card security incident involving certain U.S.