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Bruster’s Offers Year of Free Ice Cream with Photo Contest

2016-07-05 Bruster’s Real Ice Cream is offering the chance to win free ice cream for a year by capturing “That Bruster’s Feeling” during National Ice Cream Month...

Bruster's LTO Has Some Southern Charm

2016-06-01 Bruster’s Real Ice Cream is paying homage to its Southern fans with its “Southern Charmers” limited-time offer during the month of June, which include...

Bruster's Sees Best Sales in 27-Year History

2016-01-11 Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, America’s favorite frozen treat chain, served up its best sales performance in its 27-year history during 2015, laying the g...

Bruster's Serves Seasonally Sweet Flavors

2015-11-20 Bruster’s Real Ice cream is spreading good cheer for the holidays with limited-time seasonal treats, including a new flavor to its lineup of premium, ...

Bruster's Celebrates Autumn with Three LTO Sweets

2015-09-18 Spurred by record sales growth, Bruster’s Real Ice Cream has introduced two limited-time flavors and a seasonal menu item to complement year-round fav...

Bruster's Serves 'Graham Canyon' LTO in July

2015-07-02 Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, America’s favorite ice cream chain, is offering the taste of popular summer vacation destinations with July’s featured flavo...

Bruster's Signs Multiunit Franchisee in South Korea

2015-06-23 Bruster’s Real Ice Cream is taking another large leap westward.

Bruster's Adds Two Summer LTOs

2015-06-08 Bruster’s is taking its fans to the beach this month with two limited-time summer favorites: Key Lime Pie and Jamaican Me Crazy.

Bruster's Makes Largest Domestic Franchisee Deal

2015-03-18 For the first time, scoops of premium Bruster’s Real Ice Cream will be served in Southern California under the largest domestic development deal in th...

Bruster's Introduces "Mint Madness" LTO

2015-03-16 Bruster’s Real Ice Cream introduces the Mint Fudge Crunch Ice Cream.