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Burger King Joins in Help for Haiti

2010-01-18 Have It Your Way Foundation donates $50,000 to American Red Cross.

Gluten-Sensitive List Posted at Burger King

2010-01-05 All foods and ingredients on BK menu that do not contain wheat, barley, oats, or rye added to list.

Burger King Bringing Funnel Cakes Into Quick Service

2009-12-14 New Funnel Cake Sticks will come in packs of nine, along with sweet icing for dipping.

Burger King Offers $1 Holiday Gift Cards

2009-12-07 A collection of 20 greeting cards to promote the $1 Double Cheeseburger.

Unit No. 12,000 Opens for Burger King

2009-12-04 New unit in Beijing, China's Joy City marks milestone for brand.

BK Launches 'New Moon' Promo

2009-11-16 In-store and online promotions to support movie, which is released November 20.

Denver Airport to Reward Recycling

2009-11-15 Quick serves at Denver International Airport to give coupons to recycling citizens.

Burger King Exec Resigns

2009-11-11 Russ Klein, the company’s president of global marketing strategy and innovation, resigns due to personal reasons.

Burger King Heads to 'Planet 51'

2009-11-09 Chain's new promotion will support animated film to be released November 20.

Burger King License Expands Internationally

2009-10-20 Burger King–branded snack food license to include 17 new countries.