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Burger King

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Quick-Serve Growth Proves Recession Resistant

2009-03-30 A new Technomic report finds the limited-service industry is bucking the trend.

Watchdog Group Demands Industry Value [the] Meal

2009-03-12 Corporate Accountability International demands top fast food chains stop interfering with public health policy.

Don't Just Eat Your Whopper, Wear It

2009-03-10 Burger King boutiques will begin sprouting up across the U.S. later this year. Seriously.

Burger King Targets Latino Customers with Tu Ciudad, Tu Música Tour

2009-03-05 Online voting gives local artists a chance to open for Latin pop star Pee Wee.

Attacks on Restaurants Grow 377% in 2008

2009-02-27 Animal rights groups are growing in the U.S. and they're taking aim at quick-serves.

Unlikely Pair Brings Papa John's to Dominican Rep.

2009-02-18 The pizza chain co-branded with another fast-food brand to open the new location.

Restaurants Will Sport Shamrocks for Muscular Dystrophy

2009-02-17 For the 26th year, chains nationwide will participate in the Shamrocks Against Dystrophy program.

Burger King Basketball Tournament Returns for 4th Year

2009-02-06 The tournament kicks off its 14-stop tour in New Orleans.

Burger King Announces Q2 Results

2009-02-05 Despite decreased share prices, Burger King's figures are up in several other categories.

Burger King Down Sizes Breakfast

2009-02-04 The fast-food brand is introducing mini menu innovations.