Burger King

Burger King

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Quick-Service Restaurants Prevail Despite Weak Economy

2009-01-22 Some cite use of JobApp Network as reason sales remain strong.

Burger King Markets to NASCAR Fans

2009-01-22 A sponsorship agreement with Tony Stewart helps Burger King tap "the power of NASCAR."...

New Burger King Creative Set for 2009

2009-01-15 LatinWorks ad agency hopes to tap Hispanic audiences.

Despite Recession, BK Offers Free Money

2009-01-13 New Burger King sweepstakes gives away $50,000 to customers.

Burger King Updates Whopper

2009-01-05 Burger King is launching a Web site, www.angry-gram.com, in support of its newest sandwiches, the Angry Whopper, Angry Double Whopper, and Angry Triple Whopper.

Spam Makes its Way to the BK Menu

2008-12-23 It's a twist on the popular Crossan'wich.

Court Dismisses BK Lawsuit

2008-12-19 The Center for Science in the Public Interest's lawsuit had no legal standing.

Bad Taste for Whopper, Burger King

2008-12-05 Viewers are buzzing about the lack of sensitivity in the latest round of BK ads.

First Czech Burger King to Open

2008-11-26 This is an important step to accomplish the company's European expansion strategy.

BK's Uphill Battle Against Salt

2008-11-20 The chain is working to reduce sodium levels in its Kids Meals and plans to expand the initiative to the entire menu.