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Burger King Swings To 3Q Profit

2007-04-28 Burger King Holdings Inc. said Friday it swung to a profit in the third-quarter, fueled by sales of new sandwiches at the second-largest hamburger chain.

Burger King Reports Solid Growth

2007-04-27 Burger King Holdings Inc. (NYSE:BKC) delivered strong results for the third quarter of its 2007 fiscal year.

BK Announces Earnings Conference Call

2007-04-10 The call will be webcast on the company's web site and its audio replay will be available until May 25, 2007.

Burger King To Expand to Egypt

2007-03-30 The company gives exclusive right to develop the brand to the region's largest franchisee.

Burger King Holdings Inc. Adds to BOD

2007-03-30 Company announces appointment of Ronald M. Dykes and the resignation of Armando Codina.

BK Changes Animal Welfare Policies

2007-03-28 The Humane Society of the United States applauds Burger King’s historic pledge to improve its farm animal welfare standards.

Burger King To Expand to Hong Kong

2007-03-23 The city's first Burger King is scheduled to open by December 2007.

Burger King To Open Store in Poland

2007-03-12 Burger King Europe GmbH awards development rights for Poland to AmRest Holdings.

McDonald's Edges Out Competition in Coffee Taste Test

2007-03-06 A Consumer Reports taste test among coffee rivals says McDonald's brew beats Starbucks.

Burger King, Farmer Negotiations Fail

2007-02-13 Burger King offers to send recruiters to Florida to help tomato farmers find jobs at its restaurants...