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Why Burger King Could Be Fast Food's Sleeping Giant

2018-01-23 Restaurant Brands International understands the importance of digital in the quick-service space.

Burger King Going After McDonald's with New Double Quarter Pound Burger

2018-01-18 Bagpipes. Flowers being tossed in a casket. The Burger King mascot handing out burgers to mourners at a funeral.

Burger King Settles Lawsuit Over Croissan’wich Deal

2018-01-12 A settlement has been reached with Burger King in a class action lawsuit alleging that certain Burger King restaurants charged a higher price for two ...

Flamin’ Hot Mac n’ Cheetos Have Arrived at Burger King

2017-11-29 Burger King restaurants and the Cheetos brand are introducing the next big portable snack mashup, new Flamin’ Hot Mac n’ Cheetos.

Burger King is Shaving Its Mustache for Movember

2017-11-01 Burger King is helping change the face of men’s health by changing ours.

Popeyes Turns to Value as Chicken Wars Heat Up

2017-10-30 Restaurant Brands International is finding the limited-service chicken industry to be a crowded one.

Burger King Launches Campaign Against Bullying

2017-10-19 Scrawny. Short. Ugly. Fat. Weird.

SICOM Donates to Burger King's Hurricane Relief Efforts

2017-10-12 In support of the Burger King brand’s continued hurricane relief efforts in the United States and Puerto Rico, SICOM announced the donation of $25,000...

Burger King Heats Up Spicy Nuggets Battle with Wendy’s

2017-10-10 Burger King is now offering spicy chicken nuggets, seeking to fill a perceived customer void left by competing chain Wendy’s after it scaled back the ...

Fired Recently? Burger King Will Give You a Free Whopper

2017-08-29 Nobody can fault you for using that pink slip as a napkin now.