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Burger King Announces Thicker, Crispier French Fries

2011-11-30 It’s a fry for all at Burger King restaurants nationwide. Burger King Corp. announced it is delivering a new golden, crispy fry.

Top 3 Trends from Biggest Q3 Calls

2011-11-17 Quick-serve companies wrapped up their quarter earnings calls and investor meetings earlier this month, paving the way for the final fiscal term of 20...

United Capital Refinances Multi-Unit Subway Operator

2011-11-10 United Capital Business Lending, a subsidiary of BankUnited, announced today that it is providing $1,350,000 in financing to Subwayowner, CCreations L...

With the King Out of the Way, BK Offers New Crown to Kids

2011-11-07 Burger King announced today a revamp of its kids’ meal option, launching the BK Crown Program for kids that updates its packaging and signature cardbo...

BK Beefs Up Menu With Chef’s Choice Burger

2011-10-25 Burger King unwrapped the new BK Chef’s Choice burger, its new premium, flame-grilled beef sandwich, appearing on menus nationwide.

Technomic Aims to Help Operators Get Into BRIC

2011-10-19 In an industry where domestic growth has been elusive, U.S.-based restaurant chains are attempting to evolve into truly global brands, reaching emergi...

Fast Food Still Gets the Love on Social Media

2011-09-08 Despite the negative headlines that the fast food industry tends to generate, a new report shows that the vast majority of opinions about the industry...

BK Joins Oatmeal Trend, Serves Quaker Oats

2011-08-25 Quaker Oats hit the quick-serve market Monday with Burger King’s addition of Quaker Oatmeal to its breakfast menu.

Burger King Rolls out Beef, Chicken Minis

2011-07-26 Burger King Corp. is teaching the important skill of sharing with the rollout of BK Minis.