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BK Joins Oatmeal Trend, Serves Quaker Oats

2011-08-25 Quaker Oats hit the quick-serve market Monday with Burger King’s addition of Quaker Oatmeal to its breakfast menu.

Burger King Rolls out Beef, Chicken Minis

2011-07-26 Burger King Corp. is teaching the important skill of sharing with the rollout of BK Minis.

BK Backs New National Kids Meal Program

2011-07-13 It wasn’t Bring Your Child to Work Day, but that’s certainly what it felt like at the launch of the National Restaurant Association’s new healthy kids...

Fast Food Closing in on Full Service in Customer Satisfaction

2011-06-21 The quick-service industry is closing the customer satisfaction gap standing between it and the full-service industry, according to a new study.

McDonald's Tops BK, But Wendy's Still Has Most Buzz

2011-06-06 For the first time since September, McDonald’s surpassed Burger King as a more “buzzed about” burger brand—but it’s still second to Wendy’s.

No Hammer Necessary: BK Teams with 'Thor'

2011-04-26 Burger King Corp.

Burger King Stacks Its Patties by the Dollar

2011-03-08 Burger King Corp. is offering guests the popular combination of flame-broiled beef, bacon, and cheese starting at only $1.

Burger King Shakes Up Marketing, Operations

2011-03-01 Burger King Corp.

Report: Keep It Simple, Like Subway

2011-02-26 Subway was the top quick serve in a recent study measuring consumer perceptions of the “simplicity” of various brands.