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Caribou Coffee's New Mission: 'Save the Earth'

2013-03-28 Caribou Coffee Company Inc. announced that it is joining forces with Project 7 and its fans this April to make a difference around the world.

Caribou Adds LTOs, 3-D Billboard, and New TV Spot

2013-03-11 Caribou Coffee Company, a brand committed to providing premium food and drink experiences, is serving two new beverages in its coffeehouses across the...

Caribou Coffee Merges with Joh. A. Benckiser for $340M

2012-12-17 Caribou Coffee Company, the second-largest company-owned premium coffeehouse operator in the United States based on the number of units, and the Joh.

Caribou Coffee Expands with Chicago Grocery Chain

2012-08-20 Caribou Coffee Company, the second-largest company-operated premium coffeehouse retailer in the United States, announced it will be expanding its reta...

Caribou Coffee Names Senior VP of Retail Operations

2012-07-10 Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. announced that Leigh Anne Snider is joining the company as its senior vice president of retail operations.

Caribou Coffee Sets Up Shop in Vienna, Virginia

2012-07-09 Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. announced the latest addition to its Washington, D.C.

Caribou Certification Addresses Environmental, Social Issues

2012-01-30 Caribou Coffee closed 2011 on a high note, announcing that the company had achieved its goal of sourcing 100 percent of its coffee and espresso from R...

Caribou’s New Light, Dark Roasts Aim for the Stars

2012-01-20 Caribou Coffee today announced the launch of two new coffees, carefully crafted to bring coffee drinkers the broadest spectrum of flavors available to...

Caribou Coffee Secures Public Wi-Fi

2012-01-11 OpenDNS today announced Caribou Coffee Company has deployed OpenDNS Enterprise to secure the free public Wi-Fi it offers at more than 400 locations.

All Caribou Coffee Now 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified

2012-01-03 Caribou Coffee announced that all coffees and espresso are now sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, making it the first major U.S.