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Carl's Jr.

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Hardee's, Carl's Jr.'s Debut Mile High Bacon Cheese Thickburger

2014-09-23 Now arriving at Carl’s Jr.

Ontario Welcomes First Carl’s Jr. Restaurant

2014-09-16 Carl’s Jr. announced the opening of its first restaurant in Ontario as part of a major expansion into central Canada.

CKE Hits Milestone with Opening of 3,500th Restaurant

2014-08-19 The openings of a Hardee’s in Marassi, Egypt, and a Carl’s Jr. in Conroe, Texas, mark a major milestone for CKE Restaurants Holdings Inc.

CKE’s Ned Lyerly Promoted to International Division President

2014-07-15 CKE Restaurants Holdings Inc., parent company of Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s Flip the Switch for Healthy Menu

2014-07-15 It’s no secret: Carl’s Jr.

Carl's Jr. Now Offering Chorizo Items

2014-06-27 Carl’s Jr. turns up the heat on breakfast with two ways to savor spicy Mexican chorizo.

Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s Sweeten Up Breakfast

2014-06-19 Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s introduced new Made from Scratch Cinnamon Pull-Aparts, coming to restaurants June 23.

Carl's Jr. Introduces Bacon Ranch Fries

2014-06-05 Carl’s Jr. announced Bacon Ranch Fries, made with skin-on french fries and topped with buttermilk ranch dressing and bacon crumbles, served with a for...

CKE Restaurants Kick Off Stars for Heroes Campaign

2014-05-21 CKE Restaurants Holdings Inc., parent company to Carl’s Jr.