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Cheeseburger Bobby's Sweetens Summer with Georgia Flavors

2016-06-09 Cheeseburger Bobby’s guests have fellow burger connoisseur Lindsay Stippich to thank for the gourmet burger brand’s summer limited time offerings.

Cheeseburger Bobby's Starts 2016 with 'Bucket List'

2016-01-13 The kitchen at Cheeseburger Bobby’s will satisfy Georgians’ need for hardy meals of comfort food as the winter drags on with its brand new Bucket List...

Cheeseburger Bobby's Conjures Philly Flavors in LTO

2015-11-24 Cheeseburger Bobby’s has taken the best elements of the Philly cheesesteak, one of America’s favorite sandwiches, and added some of its own to create ...

Cheeseburger Bobby's Raises $10,000 for Children's Center

2015-10-30 Cheeseburger Bobby’s has donated $10,000 to Murphy Harpst, the Georgia-based burger franchise announced on Thursday afternoon.

Cheeseburger Bobby's to Raise Funds for Nonprofit

2015-08-28 Bobby Stoll was first brought to Murphy Harpst Children’s Center, a residential treatment center for abused and neglected children, by his brother Ric...

Elevated Aesthetics Build A Better-Burger Brand

2015-08-03 While fast casuals and "build-your-own" brands continue to change the landscape of foodservice, progress seems to be stagnating on the aesthetic front...

Who Beat Culver’s, Krystal, and Burgerville?

2010-04-30 Cheeseburger Bobby’s made it all the way to the Final Four of's Burger Bracket Challenge.