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Chipotle Paying Top Execs to Stay Past CEO Search

2018-01-15 With its CEO search underway, Chipotle wants to make sure the rest of its executive team remains intact.

Ohio Man Eats Chipotle for 426 Straight Days

2018-01-02 Chipotle Mexican Grill recognized one of its biggest fans, a Tiffin, Ohio, man named Bruce Wayne who has spent the past 426 days enjoying at least one...

Lawsuit Claims Chipotle Kept Food-Safety Outbreaks Secret

2017-11-06 Chipotle’s shareholders have traveled a wild course in recent months.

Chipotle's Halloween Celebration Returns with $3 Burritos

2017-10-17 Chipotle Mexican Grill will be holding its annual Halloween Boorito celebration on October 31, from 3 p.m. to closing, at all Chipotle locations.

Chipotle's Tasty Made Taps Chef Richard Blais

2017-09-26 Chipotle Mexican Grill entered into a partnership with chef, restaurateur, and James Beard–nominated cookbook author, Richard Blais, for its Tasty Mad...

Chipotle Cutting Chorizo from the Menu

2017-09-19 Chipotle’s highly anticipated rollout of queso came with some collateral.

How Much is Chipotle's Latest Executive Earning?

2017-09-18 Chipotle’s recently named chief restaurant officer, Scott Boatwright, is taking the role as principal operating officer, according to an SEC filing.

Chipotle Reopens First Restaurant Following Renovation

2017-09-07 Chipotle Mexican Grill reopened its doors Thursday to the first-ever Chipotle restaurant in its hometown of Denver following a summer long renovation.

It's Official: Queso is Coming to Chipotle September 12

2017-09-05 After a testing period of nearly two months, Chipotle will be rolling out queso nationwide on September 12.

Soaring Avocado Prices Deal Another Blow to Chipotle

2017-08-28 Back in July, Chipotle expressed optimism concerning its strained relationship with avocados. Chief financial officer John R.