industry headlines

More Bite-Size Desserts

2008-11-10 Cinnabon introduces Pecanbon Bites.

Cinnabon Sets Sights on Europe

2008-08-13 Following its success in Latin America and the Middle East, Cinnabon chooses London to begin its European expansion.

Cinnabon Celebrates Nurses

2008-04-28 The company, along with The DAISY Foundation, is offering nurses a free Cinnabon Classic Roll when they show their healthcare ID May 5-11, 2008.

Focus Brands Changes Leadership

2007-11-07 The company says its reorganization will ensure franchisees receive the most effective and efficient resources possible.

Cinnabon Opens First Bakery in Aruba

2007-02-02 Cinnabon's new airport location represents a major part of the company’s international expansion plans. Eight others are scheduled to open in the region.

Cinnabon Signs Multi-Year Food Licensing Agreement

2004-09-13 Poore Brothers, Inc. plans to begin testing Cinnabon-branded snacks by February 2005.

AFC Enterprises to Sell Cinnabon for $30.25 Million

2004-09-08 Along with Cinnabon, Roark Capital Group’s Focus Group affiliate will acquire international franchise rights for Seattle’s Best Coffee in a deal that is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2004.

Cinnabon Offering Lower-Fat Menu Items

2004-08-04 Cinnabon is launching a new "better for you" menu strategy, beginning with two items: a lower-fat Strawberry Minibon and a fat-free Strawberry Frusia beverage.

AFC to Explore Cinnabon Sale

2004-04-21 AFC Enterprises has announced its intention to explore strategic alternatives for its Cinnabon subsidiary, including a possible sale.

AFC Enterprises Names Chris Elliott Cinnabon President

2003-01-23 After months of serving as the chain’s interim president, AFC Enterprise vet Elliott is officially at the helm.