industry headlines

CKE Sold for $928 Million

2010-02-26 Acquisition by Thomas H. Lee Partners includes the assumption of approximately $309 million of net debt.

Vietnam Secures 25 Carl's Jr. Units

2010-02-19 New franchise agreement between CKE and the Mesa Group will develop Carl's Jr. bbrand throughout the nation; first scheduled to open in Ho Chi Minh City in April.

31 New Carl's Jr. Units to Open in Texas

2010-01-13 Two franchisees, Frontera Star Foods and Burger Barons, to open units over the next nine years.

Carl's Jr. Set to Take Its Vitamins

2009-11-24 CKE to offer three flavors of vitaminwater at all Carl's Jr. locations.

CKE Reaches $1 Million Goal in Breast Cancer Fight

2009-09-21 "Pink Star" fund raising campaign at Carl's Jr. and Hardee's achieves goal for National Breast Cancer Foundation.

New Partnership between CKE Restaurants and Monster Beverage Company

2009-08-04 Such CKE Restauraunts as Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s will now serve Monster Energy drinks.

CKE Restaurants Partner with Monster

2009-08-03 Monster Energy drinks to be sold at Hardee's and Carl's Jr. locations.

Hardee's Franchisee Puts Foot Down on Biscuit Ads

2009-07-22 Largest Hardee's operator in U.S. says Biscuit Hole promotional spots go too far, refuses to air them.

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's to Give Away Camaros

2009-06-22 Through promo partnership with Dr Pepper, CKE Restaurants Inc. will award six customers a 2010 Chevy Camaro.

Hardee's, Carl's Jr. Can't Fight the Economy

2009-04-01 Same-store sales for CKE fell 2.7 percent for period two.