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CKE to Open 25 Hardee's Locations in Pakistan

2008-06-17 CKE Restaurants Inc. announces that they have signed development agreements to expand in Pakistan.

CKE Reports Rise in Blended Period 1 Same-Store Sales

2008-03-04 Carl's Jr. saw a 1.4 percent increase in same-store sales, while sister brand, Hardee's, saw same-stores sales increase by 1.6 during the same period.

CKE Settles Food Safety Concerns

2008-02-19 In response to questions from customers and investors, CKE announced that it has not purchased meat from the recalled brands.

New Beverage Agreement for CKE

2008-02-07 Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages will have two fountain brands available in all U.S. Carl's Jr. and Hardee's restaurants, including Dr Pepper and either Diet Dr Pepper or Squirt, depending on location.

CKE and Coke Sign Multi-Year Beverage Agreement

2008-01-14 Parent company of Carl's Jr. and Hardee's, CKE renews its beverage contract with the soft drink provider.

Hardee's Sells 30 Restaurants in Kansas City

2007-12-05 The sale to Rising Stars, LLC is part of the company's continued refranchising program which began in April.

Hardee's, Carl's Jr. and PETA Reach Deal

2007-09-26 The Hardee's and Carl's Jr. fast-food chains will begin purchasing eggs and pork from suppliers who do not keep animals in cages or crates, spokesmen for Hardee's and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said Wednesday.

CKE Sells 34 Company-Owned Stores in North Carolina

2007-08-29 The sale to Boddie-Noell Enterprises is a part of an 'ongoing strategic refranchising' effort on the part of Hardee's.

CKE Switches to Omega-9 Canola Oil

2007-06-06 The conversion will be completed by January 2008 in all franchised and company-operated Carl’s, Jr. and Hardee’s restaurants.

CKE Restaurants, Inc. Reports Period Four and Positive First Quarter Blended Same-Store Sales

2007-05-31 Both Hardee's and Carl's Jr. are reporting their highest period four AUVs in recent history.