Dairy Queen

  • Biometrics technology is good for securing POS systems and time-clock management
    With biometric technology, savings and security for your restaurant are in your employees’ hands.
    The dollar menu price structure works for some chains but not others.
    The maniacal push by restaurants for lower prices and recession-busting menu items—which has included chains like KFC, Dairy Queen, and Sonic rolling out value menus during the recession—has left the true definition of “value” blurred.
    Esablishing a global presence can help buffer a brand during the U.S. recession.
    Three brands. Three continents. Three strategies. Find out how these American concepts are expanding beyond U.S. borders.
    A loyalty reward program should be simple, and should not slow down service.
    Retail rewards programs are gaining in popularity, but the quick-serve industry hasn’t quite figured them out.