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Famous Dave's

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Famous Dave Adds to Board of Directors

2009-09-30 Industry veteran Wallace (Wally) B. Doolin joined the organization yesterday.

Regional Tastes Don't Stop Famous Dave's Growth

2009-09-08 The barbecue chain opened new stores in California and in the heart of barbecue country, Texas.

Greatest Ribs in America Named

2009-05-29 Find out which barbecue chain took home the title.

Largest's Famous Dave's Store Opens in NYC

2009-04-02 The 12,000-square-foot store is located in Times Square and can seat 280 diners.

Veteran Financial Expert Dubbed CFO

2009-03-13 Famous Dave's of America appoints Lisa Kro to financial helm.

Famous Dave’s Names New CEO

2008-03-25 Wilson L. Craft will be the company's new president and CEO and act as a member of its board of directors effective April 21, 2008.

Famous Dave's Enters Development Agreement

2006-04-06 Famous Dave's of America, Inc. President and CEO David Goronkin announced today that Backyard BBQ, Inc., has purchased the right to franchise a total of seven Famous Dave's Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que® restaurants in Orange County, California.

Famous Dave's Reports Revenue Growth

2001-04-17 Famous Dave's reports 1st quarter revenue of $20.5 million, representing 35% growth over the same period of last year.

Famous Dave's Reports 3rd Quarter of Increases

2000-05-11 Famous Dave's of America, Inc recently announced results for the thirteen and 52-week periods ended January 2, 2000.

Famous Dave's Officer Leaves

2000-05-11 Famous Dave's of America, Inc. (Nasdaq: DAVE) announced February 22 that Paul Campbell, Chief Financial Officer, has resigned to pursue an opportunity in the health care industry.