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Fatburger Continues Expanding Throughout Northern Africa

2013-09-10 Fatburger, an All-American burger franchise, has opened its first location in Tunisia.

Fatburger Heats Up the Menu with New Sauces

2013-09-04 Fatburger, an all-American burger franchise, introduces Buffalo’s Saucy Fatburgers and Sandwiches, utilizing sauces from sister brand, Buffalo’s Café.

Fatburger Beats the Heat with Orange Creamsicle Shake

2013-08-14 Fatburger, an iconic burger franchise, is now offering the Orange Creamsicle Shake for a limited time, available now until October 7.

Fatburger Location Reopens as a Co-Branded Unit

2013-08-14 Fatburger announces the reopening of its location in Pomona, California, with its sister brand, Buffalo’s Café.

Fatburger Debuts First Turkey Location in Istanbul

2013-07-24 Fatburger, one of Hollywood’s iconic burger franchises, has opened its first location in Turkey’s economic and cultural center, Istanbul.

Fatburger Travels to Walmarts Across the Nation

2013-06-24 Fatburger, the iconic fast-food chain, will be driving off on the Fatburger Across America national tour to share its classic burgers with burger love...

Fatburger Headed to the Big Apple

2013-06-12 Fatburger, the West Coast’s iconic hamburger stand, has officially opened its first Manhattan location in the vibrant neighborhood of Murray Hill.

Fatburger Bringing Burgers to Egypt

2013-06-07 Fatburger, the famous American burger franchise, has opened its first location in Africa’s largest city, Cairo.

Fatburger Hits the Aisles of Walmart with Frozen Burgers

2013-05-30 Fatburger, a 60-year-old burger franchise known for its Hollywood roots, will be launching its line of signature frozen beef patties in more than 3,10...

Fatburger Signs on For 25 Units in India

2013-05-10 Fatburger has officially announced its plans to enter the Indian market for the first time in the company’s 60-year history.