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Fatburger Unveils Rejuvenated Website, Mobile Ordering

2012-08-24 OLO, the original provider of mobile and online ordering capabilities for the restaurant industry, announced the newest restaurant chain client for it...

Fatburger Spends Valentine’s Day at Children’s Hospital in LA

2012-02-24 Fog Cutter Capital Group Inc.'s Fatburger restaurant unit joined some of Hollywood's hottest stars to support Children's Hospital Los Angeles 1st Annu...

Fatburger Opens in Korea

2011-12-05 /*-->*/ Fog Cutter Capital Group's Fatburger restaurant unit opened its first restaurant in Seoul, Korea this week.   ...

10 Fatburgers Sold in California

2011-06-05 Criterion Capital Partners (CCP), a Los Angeles-based merchant bank best known for turning distressed companies into profitable entities, announced it...

Fatburger Teams Up with Josh Duhamel, Helps Japan

2011-04-08   Fatburger, a burger chain based in Los Angeles, helped support the American Red Cross at Josh Duhamel’s Youth Run For Japan on March 27th.

Fatburger Beefs Up in Nevada

2011-03-23 Fog Cutter Capital Group's Fatburger restaurant unit announced the opening of their first two locations in Reno, Nevada.

Fatburger Expands its Southern California Locations

2010-12-10 Fog Cutter Capital Group Inc.'s Fatburger restaurant unit announced new restaurants opened in Reseda and Pasadena. The company also confirmed openings...

Kuwait, Jakarta Included in Fatburger Expansion

2010-08-18 First unit in Kuwait City opens, while the second is set for Jakarta, Indonesia.

Fat Expansion for Burger Chain

2010-03-09 Fatburger plans openings in Dubai and China this month.

Ring in the Chinese New Year with Fatburger

2010-02-17 Beijing unit will open in late February, just after the Chinese New Year festivities.