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Lent Specialties Evolve Beyond the Fish Stick

2016-02-11 For a number of American consumers, fish is the word during the six-week period between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.

For CKE Restaurants, the World Is Its Oyster

2016-02-02 While Carl’s Jr.

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's Introduce $4 Real Deal

2016-01-21 Starting today, Carl’s Jr.

Carl's Jr./Hardee's Brings the Steakhouse to Fast Food

2015-12-09 Starting December 9, Carl’s Jr.

'Rick and Morty' Star in Carl's Jr./Hardee's New Ad

2015-12-02 Rick and Morty, stars of the popular Adult Swim original series of the same name, have become part of pop culture advertising history, now staring in ...

Hardee's Loads up Chicken Biscuit with Swiss and Bacon

2015-11-18 Hardee’s is adding a satisfying new biscuit sandwich to their already powerful breakfast arsenal: introducing the Bacon Swiss Chicken Biscuit, now ava...