industry headlines

Hardee's Adding Fungi to the Menu

2009-11-23 Portobello Mushroom Melt Thickburger to be sold for $3.79 at participating locations.

Alabama Hardee's Unit Changes Hands

2009-11-18 Transaction closes escrow on November 17 for approximately $1,229,000.

Hardee's Operator Works Hard for Special Olympics

2009-10-07 Boddie-Noell Enterprises has raised $1 million through 29-year partnership with Special Olympics Virginia.

Hardee's Teams with Tar Heels

2009-09-02 To celebrate the University of North Carolina's 100th year in college basketball, Hardee's is taking prime sponsorship.

Bologna in Quick-Serve? Hardee’s Thinks It’ll Work

2009-08-24 Company adds Oscar Mayer Fried Bologna Biscuit to breakfast lineup.

Hardee's Franchisee Puts Foot Down on Biscuit Ads

2009-07-22 Largest Hardee's operator in U.S. says Biscuit Hole promotional spots go too far, refuses to air them.

Hardee's Franchise Operator Honors Best Biscuit Maker

2009-07-17 Shirley Jones of Durham, North Carolina Hardee's takes home the award.

Hardee's Goes French

2009-07-13 Roll out of French Dip Thickburger to be promoted with French Maid mascots.

Hardee's Rolls Out New Biscuits, Naming Promo

2009-06-29 Biscuit Holes introduced with ad campaign that asks customers to name the product.

National Chains Switching to Cage-free Eggs

2009-06-25 Humane treatment of egg-laying hens at the heart of the issue.