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Jack in the Box

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Jack Knows How the (Mini) Cookie Crumbles

2011-10-07 History is full of examples contradicting the notion that bigger is always better: David didn't need towering height to slay Goliath, and Mickey didn'...

In New Promo, Jack's Got 'Game'—And Prizes

2011-10-03 Gamers love fast food. And they love getting free stuff, whether it’s food or cool new video games.

Jack in the Box Goes Big With Jumbo Breakfast

2011-08-02 Jack in the Box is giving impetus to the age-old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day: For a limited time beginning today, guest...

Jack's Combo Meal Gets Really Big

2011-06-28 Summer is officially under way and Jack in the Box restaurants are serving up the season’s biggest meal deal: A $3.99 Really Big Chicken Sandwich Comb...

Jack in the Box Takes a Bite Out of Kid's Meals

2011-06-10 Jack in the Box restaurants are giving parents yet another option for customizing their child’s Kid’s Combo Meal.

Jack in the Box Shakes Things Up with Blackberry

2011-04-26 Ballyhooed by various cultures for centuries as a miracle fruit, the blackberry is now set to cure the shake cravings of Jack in the Box guests.

Jack's Hitting the Road

2011-03-18 After 60 years of serving guests driving to and through his Jack in the Box restaurants, Jack has decided to turn the tables.

Vive Jacques: Jack in the Box Rolls Out Croissant Deal

2011-03-01 The French have given Americans a lot to celebrate over the years—the Statue of Liberty, some cheap real estate (remember the Louisiana Purchase?), an...