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Jack in the Box

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Pastrami Joins the Menu at Jack in the Box

2010-08-31 Pastrami Grilled Sandwich includes hot pastrami, Swiss-style cheese, pickle fillets, and a new deli mustard served between slices of grilled artisan bread.

Jack in the Box Breakfast Pita: Not Just for Breakfast

2010-08-02 New pita features scrambled eggs, strips of bacon and ham, and American cheese stuffed in pita bread made with whole grain, served with a side of salsa.

Jack in the Box's New Promo is Really Big

2010-06-29 Really Big Chicken Sandwich features two breaded chicken patties, lettuce, tomato, bacon, Swiss-style cheese, and mayo-onion sauce served on a jumbo bakery bun.

Injuring Your Icon Can Win You Awards

2010-06-11 Jack in the Box takes home an award for advertising campaign that put its mascot, Jack, in the hospital.

Bankruptcy Sale Completed for 66 Jack in the Box Units

2010-06-03 Final sales have been completed by National Franchise Sales of the final ten Jack in the Box restaurants in the Chico/Redding area in Northern California.

An Inside Job

2010-05-28 The Humane Society of the United States is buying stock in several quick-service companies in an attempt to sway supplier decisions in its favor.

It's All About the Raspberries at Jack in the Box

2010-05-17 Raspberry Smoothie, Raspberry Shake, and Gold Peak teas all bring the little red berry into quick service.

Assemble Your Own Value Meal for $3

2010-04-26 Jack in the Box allowing guests to pick three items from a list of eight to create their own $3 value meal.

$39 Million for 66 Jack in the Boxes

2010-03-04 California Jack in the Box units on the auction block sell for just over $39 million to four different groups of bidders.

Jack In The Box To Participate In Conferences

2010-03-03 Jack in the Box Inc. will visit New York, Dallas, and Las Vegas for upcoming investment conferences this month.