industry headlines

KFC's Secret Recipe Moves to Secure Vault

2009-02-10 Media will get a tour of the vault at today's value menu luncheon.

No Trans Fat in the Colonel's Kitchens

2009-01-29 KFC spots will highlight its "cook in every kitchen" philosophy to publicize its new fresh campaign.

One Year of Free Food

2008-11-24 KFC's contest challenges consumers to show their family traditions in order to win.

Team KFC Goes to the Super Bowl

2008-11-17 KFC is the official sponsor of this year's NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl.

Yum! Restructures, Cuts Hundreds of Jobs

2008-11-14 The company will cut its company-owned KFC and Pizza Hut stores from 20 percent to 10 percent.

KFC Picks Hitmaker

2008-10-21 The Hitmaker song contest winner, Sorrow's Child, wins a home recording studio and his song on iTunes.

KFC Launches New Menu Items

2008-10-14 KFC Hawaii will be the first franchise in the U.S. to introduce the new Zinger chicken sandwich and the Fruit Fizz.

KFC Looks to Raise World Hunger Awareness

2008-10-06 The chain is offering to donate $20,000 to world hunger relief efforts if anyone mentions the pressing issue during Tuesday's nationally televised presidential debate.

KFC Offers $10 Value Meal

2008-10-01 It includes seven pieces of Original Recipe Chicken, one large home-style side, and four flaky buttermilk biscuits.

Yum! Voluntarily Posts Calorie Counts

2008-10-01 All five brands in the company will begin the menuboard changes this year in company-owned stores and will finish by the end of 2010.