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KFC Launches "Colonelized" Snapchat Lens

2016-08-29 Because the only skin that should be extra crispy this summer is on your fried chicken, earlier this week Kentucky Fried Chicken announced an exclusiv...

KFC's Colonel Gets 'Crispy' with Tan Man George Hamilton

2016-06-23 Building on the successful formula of celebrity Colonel Sanders, Kentucky Fried Chicken created, for the first time, a product-specific Colonel, the E...

New KFC Employee Incentive? College Credit

2016-06-15 As more restaurants work to support employees’ education goals, their approaches become more varied.

KFC Adopts Mobile Pay in U.S. Restaurants

2016-06-01 KFC announced the adoption of mobile pay in U.S. restaurants, allowing customers to pay for their meal in seconds in every KFC restaurant.

Revamped QSR Drive-Thru Performance Study Launches

2016-04-28 QSR magazine, a leading restaurant industry trade publication, and SeeLevel HX, a business intelligence provider, have partnered to continue bringing ...

Quick Serves Cut Calories in Kids' Meals

2016-04-22 While the efforts of various restaurants to increase the healthfulness of their offerings continue to garner industry-wide attention, one key consumer...

Some (Including KFC) Like it Nashville Hot

2016-01-29 The story behind KFC’s new Nashville Hot Chicken begins even further back than Colonel Sanders’ time.

New KFC Store Design Puts the Colonel Front and Center

2016-01-26 Colonel Sanders, a well-known personality throughout the U.S.

FROM THE FLOOR: Sustainability is the Norm

2015-05-18 It wasn’t all that long ago that only a small number of restaurant owners and chefs considered sustainability an essential aspect of their businesses.

KFC Named Most Trusted Quick Service in India

2015-03-04 KFC has been named the Most Trusted Quick-Service Restaurant Brand in India, ahead of all other Indian and global quick-service restaurant brands, by ...