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KFC Foundation to Award College Scholarhsips

2008-01-23 The non-profit foundation will award 100 scholarships worth up to $20,000.

KFC Reveals Super Bowl Marketing Campaign

2008-01-22 In order to promote its newest menu item, the hot wings, KFC is cooking up a big-dollar philanthropic offer for this year’s Super Bowl...

KFC Canvases Manhattan Streets

2007-11-08 The chicken quick-service will launch a high-tech ad campaign to introduce its new Triple Dip Strips to New Yorkers.

Zagat Reveals Results of Fast-Food Survey

2007-05-11 Wendy's and Panera Bread Co. are voted most popular.

Trans Fat Lawsuit Against KFC Tossed Out

2007-05-02 A federal judge on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit brought by a doctor who accused KFC of not telling customers that it used trans fats to fry its chicken.

KFC To Switch To Oil With No Trans Fat

2007-04-30 KFC's fried chicken buckets soon will be stamped with a health message along with the famous likeness of its founder, Colonel Harland Sanders.

KFC is Buzzing Nationwide

2007-04-12 KFC makes noise with new interactive TV advertising.

McDonald’s, KFC Could Allow Chinese Unions

2007-04-07 Amid allegations that McDonald’s and KFC restaurants in China have been underpaying employees, the two fast food companies are expected to allow the establishment of labor unions,...

McDonald's and Yum! Wages Examined

2007-03-30 Chinese labor officials are investigating both companies on claims that they underpay part-time workers in Guangdong.

KFC Brand To Be Franchised in Brazil

2007-03-29 The agreement between Brazil Fast Food and Yum! Brands was announced today.