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KFC's Colonel Gets 'Crispy' with Tan Man George Hamilton

2016-06-23 Building on the successful formula of celebrity Colonel Sanders, Kentucky Fried Chicken created, for the first time, a product-specific Colonel, the E...

New KFC Employee Incentive? College Credit

2016-06-15 As more restaurants work to support employees’ education goals, their approaches become more varied.

KFC Adopts Mobile Pay in U.S. Restaurants

2016-06-01 KFC announced the adoption of mobile pay in U.S. restaurants, allowing customers to pay for their meal in seconds in every KFC restaurant.

Revamped QSR Drive-Thru Performance Study Launches

2016-04-28 QSR magazine, a leading restaurant industry trade publication, and SeeLevel HX, a business intelligence provider, have partnered to continue bringing ...

Quick Serves Cut Calories in Kids' Meals

2016-04-22 While the efforts of various restaurants to increase the healthfulness of their offerings continue to garner industry-wide attention, one key consumer...

Some (Including KFC) Like it Nashville Hot

2016-01-29 The story behind KFC’s new Nashville Hot Chicken begins even further back than Colonel Sanders’ time.

New KFC Store Design Puts the Colonel Front and Center

2016-01-26 Colonel Sanders, a well-known personality throughout the U.S.

FROM THE FLOOR: Sustainability is the Norm

2015-05-18 It wasn’t all that long ago that only a small number of restaurant owners and chefs considered sustainability an essential aspect of their businesses.

KFC Named Most Trusted Quick Service in India

2015-03-04 KFC has been named the Most Trusted Quick-Service Restaurant Brand in India, ahead of all other Indian and global quick-service restaurant brands, by ...

New KFC Ad Campaign Geared Toward Kids

2015-02-05 KFC has launched a new broadcast initiative showing how KFC’s chicken nuggets are the nuggets kids didn’t know they were missing, until they tried the...