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KFC Ups Commitment to Snacking with Go Cup

2013-10-01 Life has never been more hectic, and today’s on-the-go consumers are hungry for a better way to snack.

KFC Among U.S. Brands that Dominate Chinese Market

2013-07-30 Millward Brown has announced the 20 most powerful brands in China, a list dominated by U.S. brands and led by KFC.

KFC Gives Bite-Sized Chicken a Hot and Spicy Kick

2013-07-23 Last summer, KFC changed the game for bite-sized chicken with its successful introduction of Original Recipe Bites.

KFC Brings Summer Sandwich Back to Canada

2013-06-10 Summer is the season of blockbusters, so it’s only fitting that KFC Canada is brings its hot and spicy Zinger Double Down sandwich back to Canada for ...

KFC Launches Contest for Playground Makeovers

2013-06-05 In late March, KFC launched the Li’l Playground Makeover Facebook Contest and invited fans to enter to win makeovers for their local community playgro...

KFC Names Henny Penny Equipment Supplier of the Year

2013-05-29 Henny Penny Corporation, a leading designer and manufacturer of foodservice equipment, has been named Equipment Supplier of the Year for 2012 by KFC.

KFC Debuts New Original Recipe Boneless

2013-04-05 When nearly four in five servings of fried chicken in the U.S.

KFC’s Li’l New Menu Idea: Bucket Kids Meals

2013-03-28 This March, KFC introduces a meal that is sized just for its Li’ttlest fans: KFC’s Li’l Bucket Kids Meals.

KFC Doubles Down in South Africa

2013-03-26 KFC South Africa launched the iconic Double Down, the first all-meat burger with no roll.

KFC Adds the Gravy to Original Recipe Bites

2013-03-14 KFC is pairing its modern, grown-up Bites with a classic grown-up sauce to create the Original Recipe Bites with Dipping Gravy.