industry headlines

Fast Food Closing in on Full Service in Customer Satisfaction

2011-06-21 The quick-service industry is closing the customer satisfaction gap standing between it and the full-service industry, according to a new study.

Henny Penny's a Star at KFC

2011-06-21 Henny Penny Corporation has been named a recipient of the YUM Brands STAR Award.

Canadians Get Another Dose of Double Downs

2011-05-28 Canada's most deliciously decadent and celebrated sandwich is back.

Signature Red and White Gets Green at New KFC

2011-04-26 While the newest KFC in Indianapolis features the brand’s familiar red-and-white design scheme, it’s the color green that is really going to have peop...

KFC Opens 400th Indonesia Restaurant

2011-04-19 Yum! Brands Inc. announced the opening of the 400th KFC franchise restaurant in Indonesia by its international division, Yum!...

KFC Keeps Sunday Traditions Alive

2011-03-16 Kentucky Fried Chicken is launching a new 10-piece 10 Buck Sunday Bucket Deal and to promote this offer, KFC is offering 11 choirs across the country ...

KFC Sauceless Wings Prompt Search for Wet-Wipe Use

2011-01-06 The history of hot wings is saucy, stain-filled, and sticky, but KFC is rewriting history by showing you can have the taste without the mess.

Win a KFC Scholarship Through 140 Characters or Less

2010-11-18 KFC is taking the application process for its KFC Colonel’s Scholars program to the “Twitterverse” with a Web 2.0 spin.

Historic KFC Stores Close in the Name of Hunger

2010-10-06 Corbin, Kentucky, and Salt Lake City stores converted into “World Hunger Relief Kitchens,” serving free meals to in-need residents from local shelters.

KFC Packaging Goes Green

2010-09-30 Chain's consumer-reusable food container was recently honored as a winner in the 2010 Greener Package Awards. ...