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Krispy Kreme Celebrates 78th Birthday With Contest

2015-06-08 It’s Krispy Kreme’s 78th Birthday, and customers can win a Krispy Kreme Experience for their hometown.

Krispy Kreme Celebrates National Doughnut Day

2015-05-21 Krispy Kreme is celebrating one of the sweetest holidays of the year with a free treat for its fans.

Krispy Kreme Reveals Campfire-Inspired Doughnuts

2015-04-06 Krispy Kreme is introducing three new campfire-inspired treats perfect for camping in the mountains, or camping out on the couch.

Krispy Kreme Introduces Three Frozen Lattes

2015-03-27 Krispy Kreme is introducing a refreshingly cool new way to enjoy its great-tasting coffee.

Krispy Kreme Ramps up Growth, Opens 1,000th Store

2015-03-11 After years of steady growth, Krispy Kreme has ramped up its expansion.

Krispy Kreme Celebrates 1,000th shop

2015-02-23 Krispy Kreme is celebrating the opening of its 1,000th doughnut shop with a festive grand opening event and in-shop celebrations around the world.

Krispy Kreme Introduces Two New LTO Doughnuts

2015-02-16 The new Krispy Kreme Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Java Chip Doughnuts are moist, creamy, and loaded with chocolate chips.

Krispy Kreme Releases Valentine’s Doughnut Collection

2015-01-19 Krispy Kreme’s sweet assortment of Valentine Doughnuts featuring Hearts, Hug (O-shaped), Kiss (X-shaped), and the new Luv Bug doughnuts are available ...

Krispy Kreme's New Doughnut a Triple Threat of Chocolate

2014-12-24 Krispy Kreme combined the smooth taste of three decadent chocolate flavors into one new chocolate treat.

Krispy Kreme Gives Chance to "Hangout" for the Holiday

2014-12-16 This holiday season, Krispy Kreme is giving its fans a place to hang out and share a doughnut, coffee, and virtual conversation with friends they have...