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McDonald’s New Platform to Affect Over 750,000 Workers

2016-09-27 Inkling announced Tuesday that McDonald’s deployed its mobile platform to standardize and streamline restaurant operations across the U.S.

McDonald's Expanding All Day Breakfast Menu

2016-09-27 McDonald's is continuing to innovate the breakfast scene by adding more choices to the national All Day Breakfast menu, which varies by location.

Longtime McDonald’s Exec Named President at Dunkin’

2016-09-22 McDonald’s President of High Growth Markets David Hoffmann left the company after 22 years to join Dunkin’ Brands, the parent company of Dunkin’ Donut...

McDonald's Will Have a New U.S. President in January

2016-08-31 McDonald's Corporation announced the retirement of U.S.

McDonald's Continues to Soar with Philly Eagles

2016-08-29 McDonald's Restaurants of the Greater Philadelphia Region and the Philadelphia Eagles have announced an extension of their partnership through the 201...

McDonald’s Olympic Kids To Walk in Opening Ceremony

2016-08-05 McDonald’s is honoring the spirit of friendship that is at the heart of the Olympic values by celebrating nearly 100 kids from around the world with a...

McDonald’s Eliminates Antibiotics From Its Chicken

2016-08-02 McDonald's announced that it has eliminated antibiotics that are important in human medicine from 100 percent of its chicken supply.

McD's Marks 4th Consecutive Quarter of Positive Sales

2016-07-26 McDonald's Corporation announced results for the second quarter ended June 30.

McDonald's to Expand All-Day Breakfast Options Nationally

2016-07-06 This September, breakfast fans will have more choice when they opt for McDonald’s All Day Breakfast, as more choices will be added to the national All...

McDonald's New York Metro Hires New VP of Operations

2016-06-06 McDonald’s New York Metro Region announced the hiring of Mathew Ajayi, who began working with the brand more than 20 years ago, to serve as vice presi...