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McDonald’s to Nearly Double China Stores by 2022

2017-08-08 McDonald’s is making a significant push in the world’s No. 2 economy.

McDonald’s Delivery Expands Global Reach to 7,800 Stores

2017-07-26 McDonald’s delivery program is spreading across the globe.

McDonald’s Sales Soar on New Products, Discounts

2017-07-25 McDonald’s beat Wall Street expectations in its second-quarter performance, posting a 3.9 percent U.S.

McDonald's is Releasing a One-Day Apparel Line July 26

2017-07-21 The world was too small for just one fast-food pillowcase. Don’t want to sleep next to Colonel Sanders?...

McDonald's Awarding Soft Serve for Life on National Ice Cream Day

2017-07-11 In celebration of National Ice Cream Day on July 16, McDonald’s USA is celebrating its iconic vanilla soft serve—made with no artificial flavors, colo...

McDonald's Ends Olympics Partnership

2017-06-19 McDonald’s and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that they had mutually agreed to end their partnership.

McDonald's Secret to Hiring 250,000 New People: Snapchat

2017-06-12 McDonald’s is going on a hiring spree. The fast food chain announced Monday it expects to hire 250,000 people during the summer season.

McDonald’s Delivery Plan: 3,500 Restaurants by July

2017-05-31 On Wednesday, McDonald’s president and chief executive officer, Steve Easterbrook, announced McDelivery on the UberEATS app has expanded to an additio...

McDonald’s Delivery Expands to Over 1,000 Restaurants

2017-05-17 McDonald’s hinted at expanded delivery in recent months.

McDonald's Opening the Checkbook for Franchisees

2017-05-12 McDonald’s “Experience of the Future” design comes with a price tag that might as well be science fiction for some franchisees.