industry headlines

McDonald's Celebrates Earth Day

2009-04-20 The burger chain's headquarters is awarded LEED certification.

Have a Cup of Joe on Us

2009-04-20 Canadian McDonald's locations are launching a two-week promotion to introduce its Premium Roast coffee.

McCafe Lineup Comes to Tri-State McDonald's

2009-04-16 New York coffee drinkers can finally get their fix at the Golden Arches.

U.S. Bank Offers McDonald's Franchisees Its Own Lending Program

2009-04-14 The program will be available to U.S. franchisees starting mid-April.

Wells Fargo Cuts McDonald's Franchisees a Deal

2009-04-14 The company will offer franchisees financing for acquisitions, rebuilds and relocations, equipment purchases, and more.

McDonald's Reponds to Concerns about Sustainable Potato Farming

2009-03-31 The company will conduct a survey of current pesticide practices and share the key findings with its suppliers.

McDonald's Agrees to Look into Using Lower-Pesticide Potatoes

2009-03-31 The Bard College Endowment, Newground Social Investment, and the AFL-CIO Reserve Fund have since withdrawn the shareholder resolution they filed on the subject.

Quick-Serve Growth Proves Recession Resistant

2009-03-30 A new Technomic report finds the limited-service industry is bucking the trend.

McDonald's Responds to Cage-Free Controversy

2009-03-20 McDonald's weighs in on the Humane Society's criticism for using eggs from caged hens.

Humane Society Asks McDonald's to Catch up to Its Competitors

2009-03-19 The HSUS is asking shareholders to vote on whether McDonald's-U.S. should join Burger King, Quizos, Hardee's, and more in using eggs from cage-free hens.