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McDonald's and Yum! Wages Examined

2007-03-30 Chinese labor officials are investigating both companies on claims that they underpay part-time workers in Guangdong.

McDonald's Presents Ray Kroc Awards

2007-03-14 Top one percent of restaurant managers receive prestigious awards in celebration of being 'best in class.'...

McDonald's Rolls Out Fresh-Faced Packaging

2007-03-08 Twenty-four "Citizen Celebrities" were selected from the first-ever global casting call.

McDonald's Edges Out Competition in Coffee Taste Test

2007-03-06 A Consumer Reports taste test among coffee rivals says McDonald's brew beats Starbucks.

McDonald's Poised to Add Specialty Drinks

2007-03-01 Wall Street Journal: New machines hint at McDonald's enterance into the specialty coffee arena.

McDonald's January Same-Store Sales Rise

2007-02-08 McDonald's January same-store sales rose 4.9 percent on demand growth in Europe.

Michigan to Join Debate on Trans Fats

2007-02-06 Michigan Rep. Lee Gonzales announces a plan to phase out trans fats by July 2008.

New Snack Wrap Options at McDonald's

2007-01-30 McDonald's has expanded its Snack Wrap offerings to include a Honey Mustard version and a grilled chicken option.

On the APMEA Trail with McDonald's: Day Two

2006-11-08 Winning over the Chinese consumer, one drive-thru at a time, is the key to McDonald's China's Plan to Win.

On the APMEA Trail with McDonald's: Day One

2006-11-07 For the 37 markets that make up McDonald's Asia Pacific Middle East and Africa, Hong Kong and its new food studio is the center of the universe.