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    The Melt

  • Ralph Bower
    The Melt, a fast casual cheeseburger and grilled cheese eatery that combines chef-inspired, all-natural, wholesome food with creative store design and innovative restaurant technologies, announced
    Restaurants experiment with beacons, geofencing, and other location-based technologies to upgrade their marketing and operations.
    Fast food sandwich brand offers indulgent grilled cheese menu options.
    Taking an upscale approach to a comfort-food classic, this fast casual offers wholesome options in a modern environment.
    Grilled cheese sandwiches at Cheeseboy offer innovative take on traditional food
    A bevy of cheese varieties livens up sandwich options.
    Eco-Products has teamed up with The Melt to solve a mystery that has vexed chefs, restaurants, and caterers for decades: How to keep grilled cheese sandwiches hot, crispy, and “ooey gooey&rdq
    The Melt, a fast-casual eatery headquartered in San Francisco with 13 locations across California plans for seven new locations to open before the yearend, tapping Colorado as their first expansion
    Quick serves are now delivering more on-the-go breakfast items to guests.
    Baked breakfast items proliferate as consumers seek grab-and-go options.