Pal's Sudden Service

Pal's Sudden Service

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Pal's Sudden Service LTO Makes Use of 'Childhood Antics'

2016-04-14 The latest integrated campaign for a regional burger chain leverages a childhood antic to drive the message for a patty melt sandwich.

Pal's Business Excellence Institute Teaches Companies

2015-11-19 Pal's Business Excellence Institute (Pal’s BEI) is honored to announce it has won the prestigious Excellence Award from the Tennessee Center for Perfo...

Pal's Boasts Customer Satisfaction in New TV Ads

2014-10-16 A new TV ad campaign by regional burger chain Pal’s Sudden Service celebrates its focus on consumer satisfaction.

Pal's Sudden Service Recognized As "Audacious"

2014-05-22 What do Dr. Dre’s Beats audio products company and an Oregon doughnut brand have in common with Pal’s Sudden Service, a regional burger concept?...

Pal's Sudden Service Credited for Millions in Growth for A&W

2012-11-29 One of Canada's fastest-growing quick-service restaurant chains, with more than 700 restaurants, has significantly reduced its drive-thru service time...

Pigs are Flying at Pal's

2011-05-25 Thick, crispy bacon is the latest addition to the menu of world famous Pal’s Sudden Service.

Pal’s Has Got a ‘Golden Opportunity’

2011-03-30 As the credit crisis continues to hound franchisors looking to expand their brand in a sea of potential franchisees, one burger chain is using a no-mo...