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Panera Bread's Digital Sales to Fly Past $1 Billion

2017-06-14 Just in case Panera Bread needed any justification for its headfirst dive into digital, the fast casual can now point to one very convincing factor.

Transitioning Panera Bread Reports Another Strong Quarter

2017-04-26 Thanks to its impending merger agreement with JAB Holdings Company, Panera Bread is in a bit of a gray zone from a financial perspective.

Panera to Commit 10,000 New Employees to Delivery

2017-04-24 Panera Bread is officially grabbing the wheel of its delivery program.

Panera Bread Sold for $7.5 Billion to Krispy Kreme Owner

2017-04-05 It didn’t take long for the Panera Bread rumors to turn into reality.

Panera Issues a Soda Challenge to the Fast Food Industry

2017-03-31 Panera Bread just issued a challenge to the rest of the restaurant industry.

Panera Bread's Menu is Now 100 Percent Clean

2017-01-13 Panera Bread announced that its entire U.S.

Study: Panera Bread No. 1 in Customer Loyalty

2017-01-10 Panera Bread, Culver’s, and In-N-Out are among the brands that a majority of customers would recommend to friends and family, according to a study by ...

Panera Bread Names Company Vet New President

2016-12-09 Panera Bread Company named company veteran Blaine Hurst president effective December 12, following the resignation of Drew Madsen for personal reasons...

Panera Bread Makes the Switch to 'Clean' Bacon

2016-09-22 Panera Bread announced Wednesday that it will serve clean bacon on its sandwiches and salads that is free of artificial preservatives, flavors, sweete...

Panera Declares All Soups Free of Artificial Ingredients

2016-01-06 Panera Bread’s entire U.S.