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Ohio Papa John's to Celebrate Heroes

2009-10-13 Parking lot celebration in Riverside, Ohio, to raise awareness and funds for troop-supporting HeroBox.

Papa John's to Sell Optimus Prime and Co.

2009-10-08 Promotion for DVD release of new "Transformers" movie to run through November 1.

Papa John's Promotes Three

2009-09-21 Management team rounded out after the promotions of three company employees.

Papa John's Hires Chief Marketing Officer

2009-08-25 Andrew Varga previously worked for 21 years with Brown-Forman Corporation.

Papa John’s Founder Searches for 1972 Camaro

2009-08-04 John Schnatter will be making a roadtrip to find his Camaro that he sold to start Papa John’s restauraunt.

Papa John's Founder to Set Record for Highest Pizza Delivery

2009-07-22 Delivery to the top of Skydeck Chicago part of promotions for chain's Road Trip.

Papa John's CEO Lets Customers Take the Driver's Seat

2009-05-26 Visitors to can virtually drive’s John Schnatter 1972 Z28 Camaro via Web cam.

Papa John's Revenue Down for First Quarter

2009-05-06 The pizza chain experienced a 1.4 percent decrease in revenue from last year.

Papa John's Offers Franchise Deal for 25 Anniversary

2009-04-29 The pizza chain is cutting its royalty fees for 12 months and its franchise fee all together.

Papa John's Selects New President and COO

2009-04-23 Jude Thompson will step into his new roles today; John Schnatter will continue as the brand's CEO.