industry headlines

Pepsi is the Official Soft Drink of the New Yankee Stadium

2009-04-07 To promote the partnership, fans spotted in the tri-state area wearing Yankees gear and drinking Pepsi will be rewarded with tickets and team merchandise.

PepsiCo Elects Google Exec to Its Board

2009-03-22 Rhodes Scholar Shona L. Brown became the company's 11th independent director Friday.

Pepsi Adds Rockstar to Its Lineup

2009-02-19 The investment will help the company in its "bid to become the undisputed category leader in energy drinks."...

Pepsi Announces End-of-Year Results

2009-02-13 The company experienced gains both for the full year and in the fourth quarter.

Gatorade Reveals Its Connection to Spike Lee-Directed Ads

2009-01-30 The mysterious "What's G" campaign is the first of Gatorade's attempts to shake things up.

Sweet Success for Coke & Pepsi

2008-12-19 Rarely do both companies find joy in the same announcement, but Wednesday was different.

20-Somethings Hopeful About Economy

2008-12-10 Seventy-seven percent of millennials report having a strong sense of optimism about their careers.

Pepsi Cuts Energy Use by 10%

2008-12-04 PepsiCo's downtown Chicago corporate plaza is honored with LEED certification.

Pepsi Bottling Group to Acquire Lane Affiliated Companies

2008-09-25 Deal will add the U.S.'s eight largest Pepsi bottler to Pepsi Bottling Group portfolio.

Unilever to Produce Starbucks-Branded Super Premium Ice Cream

2008-09-16 The exclusive licensing deal between Starbucks and Unilever builds upon an existing relationship for the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of Starbucks Tazo.