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    Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria

  • Fast food restaurant companies innovate supply around farm drought conditions.
    California’s historic drought is just one way the climate is pressuring the supply chain. But the foodservice industry is finding ways to live in better harmony with Mother Nature.
    Quick service brands add sweet chocolate menu items to boost dessert options.
    One of the world’s favorite ingredients, chocolate is finding its way into innovative new menu platforms in the limited-service industry.
    Persona Wood Fired Pizzeria is looking to open as many as 20 Bay Area restaurants over the next several years.
    Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria, a create-your-own pizzeria concept out of Santa Barbara, California, signed a franchise development agreement to open as many as 20 restaurants in South Florida over th
    Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria, a create-your-own Neapolitan pizzeria with an Italian-trained Pizzaiolo, opened its first location in Santa Barbara, California, in February 2013.