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Pizza Inn Opens Doors on Largest Location

2011-05-20 Pizza Inn, Inc., an international pizza chain recognized for serving a variety of fresh and popular traditional and specialty pizzas, has opened its l...

Pizza Inn Opens Up in the Bull City

2011-04-14 Pizza Inn Inc. is now open in Durham, North Carolina, at 3906 N. Duke Street.

NC Gets New Pizza Inn Locale

2011-04-01 Pizza Inn's traditional and signature pizzas are now available in Pikeville, North Carolina. Franchise owner Tom Vail has opened the first Pikeville l...

New Corporate-Owned Pizza Inn Opens in Texas

2010-12-08 Pizza Inn is welcoming the holidays and capping off an aggressive year of growth as the company opened its newest location at 310 E.

Pizza Inn Sticks to the Meat and Potatoes

2010-10-12 National Pizza Month features the Loaded Baked Potato Pizza, winner of the companywide 2010 Culinary Challenge.

Veteran Pizza Inn Franchisee Signs On for More

2010-09-03 Thirty-year veteran Bob Singh of Greenwood, Mississippi, signs up for 20 more years of development.

Go BRIC or Go Home?

2010-09-02 Experts believe Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC) are the smartest investments for quick-serve brands looking to go international.

Pizza Inn Customer Will Get the Real Taste of Italy

2010-08-23 Krista Keith of Ayden, North Carolina, wins chain's “Taste of Italy” promotion, with a trip to Rome as the grand prize.

Pizza Inn Offers Big Deals to Spur Growth

2010-08-20 The company is putting into place several franchisee incentives to help grow the brand.