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Pizza Patrón Resumes Franchising February 1

2016-01-29 Coming off its best year in company history, Pizza Patrón announced that on Monday, February 1, it is relaunching its franchise program after having s...

Pizza Patrón Finishes 2015 with Strongest Year Ever

2016-01-21 Pizza Patrón same-store sales for 2015 rose 2.3 percent, rolling over a 10.1 percent increase in 2014.

Pizza Patrón Rolls Prices Back to 1986

2016-01-15 Pizza Patrón is kicking off 2016 with a promotion that rolls back prices to 1986, the year the company was founded.

Pizza Patrón Pulls Franchising Second Act

2016-01-12 It’s not uncommon for a growing brand to launch a new franchise program, but it is rare for an existing brand to relaunch franchising after indefinite...

Pizza Patrón Invites Guests to Add 'Poquito Spicy' Sauce

2015-11-19 Black bean sauce is spreading quickly at Pizza Patrón this holiday season—a perfect complement to your favorite pizza.

Pizza Patrón Sees Success At New Standalone Concept Store

2015-11-13 Pizza Patrón opened a new standalone concept store in September and it has swiftly become number four in sales out of 95 stores in the system.

Pizza Patrón Completes 81 of 95 Unit Renovations

2015-10-22 Pizza Patrón, widely known for its Pizza Por Pesos program, announced that it has completed renovation of the company’s dramatic new customer-focused ...

Pizza Patrón Expands in Three Key Texas Markets

2015-10-07 Pizza Patrón, widely known for its “Pizza por Pesos” program, opened restaurants in Austin, Fort Worth, and Dallas, Texas, in September.

Pizza Patrón Reports Record Sales

2015-09-23 Pizza Patrón reported that from January 1 thru mid-September 2015, 46 percent of its stores set all-time sales records—the best performance in the com...

Pizza Patron Launches New Frijolera Pizza Por Pesos

2015-09-02 Pizza Patrón announced today that it is launching its new Frijolera (bean lovers) pizza on Mexican Independence Day, September 16.  ‘Frijoleros’ and ‘...