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Pizza Patrón’s 2014 “Mexicanization” Ups Sales

2014-07-18 Pizza Patrón announced its first and second quarter total sales in 2014 blew past expectations and are up 5.6 percent versus the same six-month period...

Pizza Patrón Opens Doors to New Houston Unit

2014-07-02 Pizza Patrón, the Mexican-themed pizza chain, opened a new location at 240 Patton Street in Houston, Texas.

Pizza Patron Opens 2nd Corporate Store

2014-06-26 Pizza Patrón has opened its second corporate-owned store at 526 E. Pipeline Road in Hurst, Texas.

Pizza Patron Wins PR Award for Controversial Campaign

2014-06-11 Pizza Patrón, the Texas-based Mexican pizza chain, fired up taste buds, the media, and global conversation with its recent limited-time pizza offer, L...

Pizza Patron Debuts Pepperoni Mexicano

2014-06-09 Pizza Patrón has introduced the Pepperoni Mexicano, which is made from beef, pork, a proprietary blend of spices, and is infused with a jalapeño.

Pizza Patron Launches Offer to Score with Soccer Fans

2014-06-03 With the 2014 fútbol season getting ready to heat up in Brazil, Pizza Patrón has created a pizza combo for fútbol game-watching parties and events, th...

Pizza Patrón Inaugurates First Corporate-Owned Restaurant

2014-05-22 After 28 years in business, Pizza Patrón opened its first corporate-owned store in Garland, Texas.

Pizza Patrón Sees Record LTO Sales with La Ch!#gona Launch

2014-04-24 The launch of Pizza Patrón’s La Ch!#gona pizza broke all-time sales records, making it the most successful LTO product launch in the company’s history...

Pizza Patrón Challenges Guests to Pass Ancient Aztec Ritual

2014-04-04 In honor of Pizza Patron’s new and controversial LTO product launch, the La Ch!#gona pizza, the brand is promoting a one-day inaugural event.

Pizza Patrón Takes Big Risk with New Item

2014-02-24 Pizza Patrón, the Dallas-based pizza chain, plans to release a new LTO pizza that is creating controversy among its franchise partners.