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Pizza Patron Debuts First Urban Model in San Diego

2012-09-20 Pizza Patron announced that Pizza De la Comunidad opened its second location in San Diego on Thursday, August 30.

Pizza Patrón's New LTO is One of a Kind

2012-08-30 Having concluded successful market testing, Pizza Patrón announced that it will roll out its new La Choriquezo pizza for a limited time only.

Pizza Patron Continues Expansion by Targeting Chicago

2012-08-24 Pizza Patrón announced its expansion plans for the Chicago metro area.

Pizza Patrón Signs Agreement for Eight San Antonio Units

2012-08-21 Pizza Patrón, the No. 1 Latino pizza brand, has executed a development agreement with SA Pizza, Inc.

Pizza Patron Looks for Franchise Partners in San Diego

2012-08-09 Pizza Patrón has opened up the San Diego market for development. Currently, the chain has one location and plans to expand to 15 more in the area.

Cultural Shift Fuels Pizza Patrón Expansion

2012-07-19 In 2010, the Census Bureau reported that for every nine births among Hispanics there was one death, compared to a roughly one-to-one ratio among white...

Pizza Patrón’s “Pizza Por Favor” Breaks Sales Records

2012-07-11 Last month Pizza Patrón ran “Pizza Por Favor,” a campaign offering a free large pepperoni pizza to every customer that ordered in Spanish.

Pizza Patrón To Bring 10 Stores to Rio Grande Valley

2012-06-25 Pizza Patrón has executed a development agreement with Valley PP Partners, LLC to bring 10 stores to the Rio Grande Valley area in Texas.

Pizza Patrón Gives Free Pizza for Ordering in Spanish

2012-05-25 On Tuesday, June 5, from 5-8 p.m., Pizza Patrón is launching its PIZZA POR FAVOR event at restaurants nationwide. Every customer that orders in Spanis...

Pizza Patron Opens Location in Coachella, California

2012-05-10 JRT Partners has opened a new Pizza Patrón at 49255 Grapefruit Blvd. in Coachella, California.