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Two Soups Will Go for $1 at Pollo Tropical on Soup Day

2011-01-19 Soup’s on at Pollo Tropical, as the restaurant chain declares January 26 to be Pollo Tropical National Soup Day at all company-owned locations.

'Smart' New Pollo Tropical Promo Helps Students

2010-09-30 Smart Savings Card, a food discount card, will raise much-needed funds for high school and middle school students' special projects and programs.

The Chicken Quesadilla Wrap, Now in Salad Form

2010-07-30 Pollo Tropical launches Chicken Quesadilla Salad LTO at company-owned stores.

Pollo Tropical Launches Quesadilla LTO

2010-07-08 Chicken Quesadilla Wrap features grilled chicken breast, melted cheddar jack cheese, freshly-chopped tomatoes, and tangy chipotle dressing atop an eight-inch flatbread.

Pollo Tropical Kicks Off a Get Fit Meal Plan

2010-06-21 Pollo Tropical unveiled its "21 Days to a New You" meal plan, which includes a free pedometer and meal to get customers started.

Pollo Tropical Breaks Record For Salsa Serving Size

2010-02-12 Pollo Tropical set a Guinnesss World Record on Super Bowl Sunday by making a huge serving of salsa, weighing in at 1,170 pounds.

Pollo Tropical Introduces New Grilled Wing Option

2009-06-26 Grilled Tropical Wings to be available in five-piece or eight-piece portions.

Menu Innovation at Pollo Tropical

2009-05-28 The new Caribbean Chicken Fajitas are available for $5.99.

Pollo Tropical Adds a New Chilled Treat to the Mix

2009-04-14 The Tangerine Cream Smoothie will bring the chain's TropiChiller offerings to four.

Steak During a Recession? You're Kidding.

2009-04-03 Pollo Tropical is making sure to keep the price affordable and the menu mouth-watering.