Port City Java

Port City Java

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Port City Java Opens Cafe

2009-08-18 Brunswick Forest Cafe opens in Leland, North Carolina.

Port City Continues Expansion in the Carolinas

2009-04-07 Construction on the new Leland, North Carolina, site should be completed mid-June.

Port City Java Signs First Jordan Lease

2008-07-03 The company has already approved a second site and the lease is in negotiation.

Port City Java March Sales Increase

2008-04-03 The company's same unit corporate café sales increased 4.5 percent for March 2008 over the same period in 2007.

Port City Java Corporate Café Sales Increase

2008-03-05 Corporate Café sales increased by 16.17 percent for February 2008 compared to February 2007.

Port City Java Sees Corporate Sales Rise

2007-12-04 Sales increased 7.19 percent in November 2007 over the same period one year ago.

Port City Java Continues Expansion in Middle East

2007-08-30 Port City Java signed a development deal for 25 stores in Dubai over the next 10 years. An additional site at North Carolina State University also planned.

Port City Java Announces Sales Increase/New Unit

2007-08-10 Port City Java announces its Corporate Café Revenue increased 19.77% for it’s Corporate Cafes for the first six months of 2007 compared to the first six months 2006.

Port City Java Corporate Cafe Sales Increase 16.12 Percent

2005-11-08 Wilmington, North Carolina-based Port City Java® announces its "same unit" corporate cafes increased sales 16.12 percent in October 2005 as compared with October 2004.

Port City Java Opens Drive-Thru Café

2005-10-11 Port City Java’s new freestanding café in Greensboro, North Carolina, represents the coffee chain’s aggressive push into the drive-thru business. Other such units are planned.