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Twisted Tuesdays at Pretzelmaker Means Free Drink

2013-03-05 Now through the end of the month, Pretzelmaker will host its Twisted Tuesday promotion.

Pretzelmaker Spreads the Love with Heart-Shaped Pretzel

2013-01-24 Pretzelmaker is celebrating sweethearts across the country this Valentine’s Day in a big way.

Pretzelmaker Makes a Big Deal Out of Little Bites

2012-11-27 Pretzelmaker is kicking off the holiday season in a big way with its “Little Bites Go Large” online sweepstakes.

Pretzelmaker Unleashes Pretzel Dog, Facebook Giveaways

2012-07-12 Pretzelmaker announced today that throughout the summer it will be highlighting its Pretzel Dog, a 100 percent All-Angus beef hot dog rolled in delici...

Lewis Loeb Joins Global Franchise Group as CFO

2012-05-16 Global Franchise Group, the strategic brand management company, is pleased to introduce its new chief financial officer, Lewis Loeb.

Pretzelmaker Tricks Up Their Pretzel Bites

2012-04-18 Pretzelmaker announced today that their Pretzel Bites are now available in a variety of flavors, a tasty treat for any Pretzelmaker fan and an easy wa...

"Sing & Dance For Your Snack" on National Pretzel Day

2012-04-11 Pretzelmaker announced that it is, once again, giving away free pretzels on the official National Pretzel Day holiday.

Pretzelmaker Serves New Mini Pretzel Dog Combination

2012-01-16 Pretzelmaker announced today that it has created a new combination featuring the hunger-stopping Mini Pretzel Dogs.

Pretzelmaker Hosts Twisted 20 Giveaway

2011-12-05 Pretzelmaker announced today that it has launched an exciting new online sweepstakes just in time for the holidays – the Twisted 20 Giveaway.

Pretzelmaker Creates New Pretzel Bite Combinations

2011-11-21 Pretzelmaker announced today that it has created a new combination highlighting Pretzel Bites – the brand's signature bite-sized salted pretzel snack.